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        Products sold and accepted over 30 countries worldwide with leading Tyre and Rubber Companies.
        Products have applications in multiple industries like Tire, Hose, Belts and more.
        High Quality products accepted by leading tyre companies in the world.
        After over two decades of growth and development, Wuxi Huasheng Rubber Technical Co., Ltd has successfully advanced into an influential enterprise leading the global rubber chemicals industry.

        Headquartered in Wuxi, an advanced manufacturing base in China's Yangtze River delta region, we have set up production bases in Jiangsu province and Anhui province. By virtue of years of hard work and dedicated team of the Huasheng people, and with the strength of R&D and innovation, Wuxi Huasheng Rubber Technical Co., Ltd boasts an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons of various rubber chemicals, securing a leading position in the industry. The company's "Fansheng" brand series of rubber chemicals cover over 20 types of products, such as insoluble sulfur with high thermal stability and high dispersion, and rubber adhesives. The quality of the products are first-class in the country and advanced in the world at large.  
        Our company, adhering to the consistent quality objective of “pursuing zero-defect products and services”, ranks among the first in the rubber chemical industry to pass the ISO9001 international quality management system certification and the ISO14001 environment management system certification. Moreover, HUASHEGN CHEMICAL is awarded with many honorary titles such as "national high-tech enterprise", "technology-based private enterprise of Jiangsu province", "AAA grade credit enterprise of Wuxi city", and "famous-brand products of Jiangsu province'.

        Adhering to the principle of "technological innovation is fundamental to enterprise development", Wuxi Huasheng Rubber Technical Co., Ltd established a research center of engineering technology on key rubber chemicals in 2011, and cooperated with many Chinese unniversities in the fields of production, education, and research. Currently, the company has obtained patents of many inventions and utility models, and its main products---Insoluble Sulfur and rubber adhesive---are rated as the high-tech products of the Jiangsu province. 

        Today, Wuxi Huasheng Rubber Technical Co., Ltd, with its high-property, high-quality, and environment-friendly products, is increasingly becoming an important and strategic partner for global rubber enterprises, and is committed to jointly building a rubber industry of high technology and green technology.


        May, 1992
        Wuxi Luoshe Huasheng Chemical Additives Factory was established

        March, 1998
        The enterprise was restructured and transformed into a private one. It was renamed as Wuxi Huasheng Chemical Additives Factory

        December, 2001
        The production line of rubber adhesive was established and put into operation
        June, 2004
        The production line of insoluble sulfur adopting the Two-step Gasification Method was established and put into operation    
        December, 2010
        The listing program was launched and Wuxi Huasheng Rubber Technical Co., Ltd was established
        In 2011
        Agreements were signed in succession with intermediaries such as broker firms, accounting firms and law firms to compressively advance the progress of listing.
        August, 2011
        The One-step High Dispersion and High Thermal insoluble sulfur production line featured by an annual production capacity of 15,000 tons began to be established formally. Thus, the company became the first one adopting continuous one-step method producing insoluble sulfur in China
        January, 2012
        Anhui production base was established
        In 2012
        The title of National High-tech Enterprise was successfully declared


        Technological innovation is the fundamental of development. Wuxi Huasheng Rubber Technical Co., Ltd has signed strategic cooperation agreements with many universities and research institutes, hired a number of leading experts in the field including those enjoying special government allowances, and actively carried out production, education and research and research projects. We have set up engineering technology research center for key additives for rubber products which has obtained a number of invention patents and utility model patents.


        Wuxi Huasheng Rubber Technical Co., Ltd, adhering to the principle of Quality first and Innovation Paramount, and aiming to advanced green chemical engineering through science & technology, has taken the lead in passing the authentication of the ISO9001 International Quality Management System and the ISO14001 Environmental Management System. As a member of China Rubber Industry Association, our company has been awarded with the title of  "National High-tech Enterprises",  "High-tech Private Enterprises of Jiangsu Province", "AAA Grade Credit Enterprise of Wuxi ", and "Brand Product of Jiangsu Province" , etc.


        Huasheng Rubber Technical Co., Ltd is taking the initiative in shouldering its due social responsibilities while paying attention to the enterprise's self-development. Over the past twenty years, the company keeps to construct its own corporate culture, which helps strengthen the employees' sense of belonging and responsibility as well as ensuring the stable and rapid growth of the company. The company also plays an active role in the causes of energy conservation and emission reduction, of cleaner production, and of green technology, promoting the sustainable development of the enterprise and the society and contributing to the environmental protection cause. Moreover, Wuxi Huasheng Rubber Technical Co., Ltd is dedicated in improving China's  education by actively participating in many donation activities for elementary and middle schools, contributing its share to China's charitable causes.


        Wuxi Huasheng Rubber Technical Co., Ltd makes "specialized production ensuring good quality and good faith guaranteeing considerate service" as its marketing standard. The company's products are well-received by large and medium-sized tire and rubber enterprises in China, and it is also rated as "the supplier of high-quality raw materials" for many times. In the meanwhile, as a result of its stable product quality, perfect after-sale service, and door-to-door and one-stop distribution network, HUASHENG's export volume in 2011 accounts for 30% of its total volume. Besides, our products have passed the EU REACH registration certification, and are sold in more than 30 countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia, India, France, and Brazil; and therefore, the company has achieved its development goal of basing on Chinese market and going onto world stage.

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