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        Counseling announcement

        Wuxi Hua Sheng rubber new material Polytron Technologies Inc intends to issue the first public offering of ordinary shares and listing, is now being accepted by Huatai Securities Co., ltd..
        According to China Securities Regulatory Commission requirements, in order to improve the transparency of stock listing, to prevent the risk of the securities market, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, the company is willing to receive public opinion and public opinion. Now will be the relevant contact information and the report is as follows:
        Wuxi Hua Sheng rubber material Polytron Technologies Inc of new materials for the Chen Jie, Chen Qun, Chen Peikang, the company's residence: Huishan District, Wuxi District, Qian Qiao road 18, the legal representative: Chen Jie. Contact: Lu Zhouxin, Tel: 0510-83250239, fax: 0510-83218103, e-mail: luzhouxin@126.com. Telephone hotlines Supervision Bureau of Jiangsu of China Securities Regulatory Commission: 025-84575515. Address: Nanjing Zhongshan East Road, No. 90 Huatai Securities Building, floor 19 (zip code: 210002).
        Wuxi China rubber new material Polytron Technologies Inc
        October 29, 2015


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